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Jaipur Pride


Bed and Breakfast in Jaipur Property id 0033

Home Style Name :

Property id 0033

Destination :


Rooms :

100 Air-Conditioned room/suits

Facilities :

Private sitting areas, terraces or balconies with room, Some Homes equipped with Swimming pools, Gyms, etc.

Family :

Royal Family

Your Host :

Home Owners

This Property is about respecting people. Respecting people that live in a specific geographical location and the people visiting them. Respecting the Bed and Breakfast people take in their homes, their communities, their cities and their countries. Building a network of these proud members of the community to ensure that visitors to that community or city are treated with warmth and respect while creating an environment that brings out the best in the people of the region. Pride Hospitality was founded to take the concept of “Organic Hospitality” to reality.


Suit Room

Dinning Hall

To create a network of people that want to take the responsibility of representing the city they live in as well as ensuring that the best practices in hospitality are made available to all visitors to that city. There is no confining hotel complex – the entire city is the hotel and grows organically through its people.

This Property Homes have been carefully screened and selected by Hotel Clarks Amer on the basis of the their location, amenities, services and people who are committed to the concept of hospitality and are proud of the city they live in. There are over 200 homes located in different parts of the city allowing you the option of staying practically in Jaipur you like.

Homeowners are trained to understand cultural differences and accommodate for specific preferences or needs of guests – be that a question of food or privacy.

The Bed and Breakfast Project is the world’s largest standardized Bed and Breakfast project, which not only specializes in its Bed and Breakfast program but also ensures the security of its guests and of its home- owner hosts. The security of host and the guest is very very important to them. Hence, The Bed and Breakfast Project has its own Security System. A team of security personnel are available 24/7. In the times of emergency they are only a phone call away.

The other services offered are Meals, Transport & Tour Services and Establishment Accreditation etc.


Room Type



Pride Room


Rs. 1800

Pride Deluxe


Rs. 3500

Pride Luxury


Rs. 5000

Tax : 10%
Tariff Validity : 30th ...................

01 night’s advance guarantee is required at the time of booking
Advance payment by credit card, Visa and Master Card
Cancel 30 days in advance to avoid retention
Cancellation fee Rs.500

Check in Date:
Check out Date:

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