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Bed and Breakfast in Jhalawar

Jhalawar, situated in the south-east of Rajasthan was founded by Rajrana Zalimsinh in 1796 besides a lake near the fortified medieval caravanserai of Patan. By 1838 the principality was independently ruled by the descendents of the Rajrana..

Getting there - Nearest Airport is Jaipur i.e. 326 kms. Jhalawar lies midway on the Delhi/Mumbai rail line. From Delhi there are overnight and day journey trains available to disembark at Kota (87 km) or Ramganj Mandi. (20km). Jhalawar is situated on National Highway No.12. Some important distances are Jaipur 335 kms., Ajmer 292 kms., Kota 87 kms., Bundi 123 kms., Bhopal 265 kms. Best Season is between September and March.

Places to see
Gagron Fort - Built on the confluence of rivers stand the magnificent island Fort fo Gagron. Built between the 8th and the 14th centuries remains the classic example of a “Vana Durg” or Forest-Island protected Fort. Within the ramparts is the beautiful mausoleum of a sufi saint Mithe Shah where a colourful annual fete and music festival is held over the 3 nights during the month of Muharram

Jhalawar Fort (Garh Palace) - The impressive Garh Palace was built as a residential cum administrative Fort by Rajrana Madan Singh between 1840 - 1845 It beautiful courtyards with exquisite mural paintings and mirrored rooms on the walls of ‘ zanana khas’. Also within the compound is the Natya Shala uilt in 1921 for the court performances of Shakspearean plays and Parsi Theatre

Jhalarapatan - This Medieval fortified town is popularly referred to as the ‘city of bells’ developed to protect the trade caravans at a junction on their routes. Within the walls we find the beautiful trader’s Havelis, the 10th century temple to the Sun and and the 11th century Shantinath Jain temple. An entire township resides within the confines of the ramparts where a thriving oriental bazaar opens every day.

Chandrabhaga Temples - On the banks of the Chandrabhaga waterfront stand a cluster of splendid 7th century temples. Their intricately carved pillars and arched gateways and worshipped shrines are must to visit. The annual Chandrabhaga Cattle and Animal Fair is held during the full moon nights of Kartik (Oct/Nov). The Fair mingles commerce and religion as cattle, camels, horses and oxen are traded near the worshipped courtyards

Kolvi Caves and Stupas - Jhalawar has the only rock-cut caves in Rajasthan. These ancient Buddhist Rock Caves are located in the village of Kolvi. Here one can see a colossal figure of buddha and visit the carved Buddhist stupas

Jhalawar Museum and Library - The museum established in 1915 displays rare manuscripts, paintings, coins, sculptures and statues and includes a Penny Farthing Cycle that was used by the Maharaja at turn of the last century. The Jhalawar Library contains the collection made by the Maharaja Bhawani Singhji of Jhalawar and contains important first editions and hand written manuscripts.

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